RFID student attendance system

Improving the safety of students has always been a top priority for any concerned institution authorities. ICONIC has launched next generation student safety solutions with help of RDIF technology, which aims at improving student safety, increasing productivity, saving operation time and thus reducing costs of operation.

The RFID solution helps in tracking students in which every student will be given an advanced long range RFID enabled identity badge that would help authorities to identify absenteeism, ensure student's safety during their commute to and from the institution and also guarantee that no student is left behind in institution during evacuation procedure.

The RFID hardware is also integrated with our Cloud based ERP system where the student's attendance gets updated automatically and various attendance related reports can be generated. The application is also capable of sending SMS to parents for the first in-time and last out-time of the student registered by the system. This ensures the student safety that he/she has reached the institution safely or the time when he/she left the institution. The system also sends absent SMS to the absentee's student's parent or SMS for the students arrived late.

In institute the student attendance system works subject wise where attendance takes place in every class, but while taking the subject attendance the RFID system can be used to know that the student is in the institute or not, but currently not in class. It also helps to know the time when the student has left the institute.

Why our RFID system?

There are various devices like biometric, face recognizer or retina scanner which provides more authority while capturing attendance because the biggest issue using RFID cards is that it can be shared between users, but we still recommend RFID in case of student attendance system because of the following reasons:

1) The UHF device can read 20-30 cards every second, thus a bulk of students can have attendance within a second where as the other deceives takes min 5-7 second to read a single user.

2) The cards can be read within a range from 2 meters to 50 meters, thus from a distance the attendance can be captured. The UHF Active RFID machine can capture attendance from a passing school bus with 50-100 students while entering the school campus and trigger SMS immediately to parents

3) Biometric, face recognizer or retina scanner fails for small kids as they will not have proper developed figure prints or developed face for biometric and face recognizer machine respectively. Retina scanner is dangerous for their eyes so not recommended medically.

4) If student surveillance is required then Active RFID is the only solution.

5) Ours is the only organization which provides internal or external memory along with our RFID system, thus reducing any changes for loss of data. In other RFID system if the local computer is not functional or if the network between RFID and local computer is not functional then it will surely cause loss of data because the data gets saved only in local computer. But in our case the data gets save in the RFID machine memory and then it gets saved in local computer.

6) Our RFID is also connected with Rackspace Cloud base ERP application. Therefore the data also gets stored in cloud based secured system from the local computer. The ERP application also provides various attendance reports like daily/monthly/yearly class and section wise attendance report, student's daily/monthly/yearly absentee's record, date range/monthly shortage of attendance report, in institute subject wise attendance reports and so on.

7) Our system is also connected with SMS system where various SMS can be trigged based on institution requirement like 1st in time SMS, last out time SMS, shortage of attendance SMS, absent student SMS and last coming student SMS.